Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Swiss "Movements" (RLY000) Digi EP for sale

The Swiss' "Movements" EP is now available digitally (in WAV or 320kbps mp3) at
the Really Real Records Internet Shop for $6AUD. That is a mindwrecking bargain of a pricetag. Also, good luck trying to find this anywhere else.

1. Movement Part I
2. Movement Part II
3. Movement Part III

In a time when everyone who isn’t Crookers is claiming to be a “disco act”, there is an insurmountable wash of pretenders. Adelaide trio The Swiss, however, are a legit live disco band who’s existence is based entirely on flavour and good times rather than the Cobra Snake and fitted caps. [NERDY BIT: They are a band who are getting Giancarlo Meo tattoos rather than googling Giorgio Moroder best-of tracklists]

This EP is testament to what lies at the core lifestyle of The Swiss: crisp and snappy drums that cause pregnancies, quicksand lazer-sludge bass, dizzy pops & flourishes, melody rays and synthesised strings that glide on the thermal currents of life. It’s as much a breathy telephone call as it is a mid-range Bordeaux shared between ensconced lovers.

Produced by Donnie Sloan (Empire Of The Sun, Sneaky Sound System), “Movements” is a 3-part jam-lover’s jam. A first-class ticket aboard the Jam Express, all the way to Jam Central, Jamsville, the Jamniverse.

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