Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Join me, known ARITHMATIX! fanboy Roland, as I direct some fairly pedestrian interview questions towards top-shelf individual of anthemic proportions ARITHMATIX! about why he is so great and what he's doing at the moment:

We’ve seen your post-romantic side in Van She, had our 4ams 4am’d by your Van She Tech output and felt the silky feel of your inner dimension with Touch Sensitive, where is Arithmatix going to end up?

Somewhere between 90 and 130bpm, I think it's good to vary in tempo plus it's a challenge to make things swing at slower tempos. Guitar solos are well and good but it's not until you slow things down that you are able to separate the men from the boys, I guess low-med tempo disco.

Should we be expecting an eventual live show?

It's funny "live" these days is not live at all, it's more "real time". I think that a guy triggering scenes in Ableton is boring unless they are dressed in Dior leather suits and robot helmets.

How about an EP?

Yeah I just finished a remix for the Future Classic label and I'm working on stuff in between other stuff…

What gear have you currently got on high rotation in the studio? Is the Memorymoog+ still at the forefront?

I love your attention to detail, there are raging debates on the net as to what's more stable; a + or a standard, but mine has been fine apart from a couple of issues here and there. High rotation: the Dave Smith PEK is always turned on and so is the Studio Electronics Code 8 which is sort of like a CS80, Oberheim, Moog and Arp in one box. I also love my MPC3000LE with the Vailixi OS from Mansell Labs but at the end of the day all this gear means nothing if you don't have an idea but sounds to inspire you to play a certain thing or a certain way so...

Yourself being someone who owns and adores a significant slice of the Prelude catalogue in a world where people come up to the booth and request Bloody Beetroots, is the tightrope between perceived DJ snobbery and your own enjoyment a difficult one to walk?

Haha no not really, whenever that happens I just play a Shazam track. Something becomes pop when it becomes popular.

It’s widely acknowledged that you’re a stylish individual – forever on the front foot but never flash in the pan. With so many looks in such little time, where do you draw your inspiration from?

My uncle Francesco Di Francesco is a tailor and the most stylish man on the planet, he wears white, drives a white car and lives in a white house.

At present, who are you feeling?

Helen Neville on the weekends and anything by Claudio Simonetti.

Do you have any other projects or collaborations planned at the moment or do you have enough on your plate right now with everything you’ve got on your plate at the moment?

Yeah always doing different things otherwise it becomes stale, doing another Van She record between that and whatever other activities occur, the plate is full. Maybe a small plate with a few good things as opposed to a massive bowl of shit is the way to go.

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