Sunday, March 22, 2009


In attempt to avoid the spiral of irrelevance that Myspace are currently facing and copper coins have already succumbed to, we will be posting a series of interviews with Really Real Records artists and affiliates entitled REALLY REVEAL. First up is Sid from the Swiss...

01. How's Adelaide?
Adelaide is paradise when you let it be.

02. Are you called The Swiss because the band is a multicultural hotbed of diversity?
We're called The Swiss because Mr Fun-Pants aka Tony had a fleeting idea in the classroom in high school whilst we went through the list of band names we'd compiled at lunchtime. It bares no relevance.

03. Were any bandmembers ever in an acid jazz band?
We grew up on groove so acid jazz kind of did happen for us...we were teenagers. In between listening to Jamiroquai's first two records we all listened to Headhunters and heaps of Herbie along with other jazz, disco and stoner rock like Floyd and Doors.

04. What is your favourite BPM?
My favoutire BPM is 90-110, but I love half time ballads too.

05. Other than the upcoming 12", what have you guys been doing since "Movement"?
Tony has been touring with Pnau all over the Planet, Luke has been doing loads on Film and TV and I've been trying to put out some bedroom disco.... Jono has been playing arenas all the while.

06. Is it at all frustrating to be a legitimate disco band in a time when the D word is getting applied to an incredibly large portion of things that aren't really remotely disco and are just bad?
I remember Tony trying to invent words at school for people to latch on to. Instead of "cool" we said things were "disco" for a while. That lasted about 3 weeks.

07. SOLAR or Full Time?
Full Time.

08. To the dwindling minority who haven't yet heard your stuff, how would you describe The Swiss?
Party band. Classic disco in a club and sometimes jazz explosion in non-dance clubs. Best at house parties. Freeform disco. All real synths and live commitments.

09. Can you please explain the relationship between Donnie Sloan and you guys?
Donnie Sloan is our spiritual guide. Our brother. He has been with us and us with him for many years. He can help us tame the wild beast that is disco and help us harness the power of the groove. 4th member.

10. For the synth nerds out there, what gear do you guys use in your live setup?
Luke uses a variety of vintage synths from an extensive studio collection. Live its an Emax, Roland SH2 and an R3 vocoder... sometimes Rhodes and Clav make it out too. In the early days it was a synth-off, bringing everything to the shows. Tony has been known to play Simmons drums, the full kit and in some late night episodes an 808 by candlelight. I have been using a Roland GR Synth Bass.... Human League style lately... I like that.

11. What are your thoughts on the internet?
We all love the net, like a sister.

12. Has Louis given you a Really Real Records t-shirt yet?
I have an eggplant t-shirt

13. Thanks very much.

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