Monday, March 30, 2009


Okay, next up in our scorching series of tell-all interviews is Definitely DLO, the lower-echelon DJ and co-founder of Really Real Records also known as Louis:

Hi Louis.


Why are we running Really Real Records? Surely a recession marinated in digital music piracy is not the ideal climate for us to be doing this.

I don't know why you're doing it Rols, but I'm in it pretty much to thrust my musical tastes on the general public. Kind of the same reason I like DJing. You know "I like this cos it's rad and if you don't, you're an idiot."

How great did the t-shirts come out!

They're amazing, super nice AmAppy shirts for boys & girls - remember they're at

How are things going at the Adelaide office?

Pretty good - just hanging out with the Swiss having a few cheeky lattes on Rundle St. Gonna start a weekly disco night soon. Just got back from a week in NYC with Adelaide's favourite son Donnie Sloan.

Who is your favourite ever recording artist?

Um, maybe Chic? Or Converge? That's too hard. I like Woolfy heaps. Yours is Prince I'm pretty sure.

Are you up for listing your top 5 songs of all time?

Blink 182 - Carousel

Weezer - Say It Ain't So
Chic - I Want Your Love
LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge

Hatchback - White Diamond

(None of these are really true, except maybe all of them)

The other day a 2pm coke-fiend started haranguing me when I said that Coldplay aren't contributing anything to music. Was I in the wrong? I just feel like their output is so calculatingly middle of the road. Their music is like ten pin bowling with the gutter barriers up.

Good chat man.

How is your crusade to make the cappuccino a socially acceptable coffee working out so far?

It was hard in NYC - they have a very strange idea of how coffee works there, but don't try to tell me you're not into a little chocolate on the top of your coffee dude. [note from Roland: I am not]

Are we going to see DLO make the leap from DJ to producer or perhaps even "songwriter" in the near future?

Maybe if I can get Donnie to ghost-write for me...

At this point in your life, have you identified your power animal yet?

Pretty sure it's either that mole that looks like a dick that's all over the internet or it's a golden lion tamarind.

Thanks Louis.
No wuckas mate!


  1. how avante garde is my formatting error

  2. i would like to see "a little chocolate" on the top of my coffee spelling out the words "really real records".

  3. also, louis is hot. if there's any autographed laminates going, can you please send me the order form?

  4. danielle i'll organise it in the coming week